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Research Papers and Summaries

Prevalence and predictors of facing a legal obligation to disclose HIV serostatus to sexual partners among people living with HIV who inject drugs in a Canadian setting: a cross-sectional analysis

Sophie Patterson MBChB, Angela Kaida PhD, Paul Nguyen PhD, Sabina Dobrer MA, Gina Ogilvie MD, Robert Hogg PhD, Thomas Kerr PhD, Julio Montaner MD, Evan Wood MD, M.-J. Milloy PhD

Awareness and understanding of HIV non-disclosure case law among people living with HIV who use illicit drugs in a Canadian setting

Sophie Pattersona, Angela Kaida, Gina Ogilvie, Robert Hogg, Valerie Nicholson, Sabina Dobrer, Thomas Kerr, Jean Shoveller, Julio Montaner, M.-J. Milloy

The impact of criminalization of HIV non-disclosure on the healthcare engagement of women living with HIV in Canada: a comprehensive review of the evidence

Sophie E Patterson, M-J Milloy, Gina Ogilvie, Saara Greene, Valerie Nicholson, Micheal Vonn, Robert Hogg, and Angela Kaida

How women living with HIV react and respond to learning about Canadian law that criminalises HIV non-disclosure: ‘how do you prove that you told?’

Saara Greene, Apondi J. Odhiambo, Marvelous Muchenje, Alison Symington, Jasmine Cotnam, Kristin Dunn, Margaret Frank, Shelly Glum, Rebecca Gormley, Allyson Ion, Valerie Nicholson, Krista Shore & Angela Kaida

Presentations and Posters

Awareness of HIV non-disclosure case law among women living with HIV in Canada

Valerie Nicholson, Sophie Patterson, and Angela Kaida presented on "Awareness of HIV non-disclosure case law among women living with HIV in Canada" at the CAHR 2017 Conference in Montreal, Quebec.

Integrating Indigenous Approaches to Using Body Mapping as a Form of Arts-Based Research

Saara Greene and Krista Shore presented "Integrating Indigenous Approaches" at the Society for Applied Anthropology in Santa Fe in March, 2017.

Taking Responsibility:How Women Living with HIV Understand and Experience Criminalization of HIV Non-Disclosure

Jasmine Cotnam and Alison Symington presented "Taking Responsibility:How Women Living with HIV Understand and Experience Criminalization of HIV Non-Disclosure" at the CAHR 2018 Conference in Vancouver, BC on behalf of the WATCH Team.

Mapping Criminalization's Creep into the Health and Social Care of Women Living with HIV in Canada

Jasmine Cotnam, Saara Greene, Allyson Ion, Lydia Birungi, Kristin Dunn, Peggy Frank, Shelly Glum, Rebecca Gormley, Marvelous Muchenje-Marisa, Valerie Nicholson, Judith Odhiambo, Krista Shore, Alison Symington, Angela Kaida

Additional Handouts

Women and the Criminalization of HIV Non-Disclosure

The Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network wrote a series of info sheets on the human rights of women living with or affected by HIV in Canada. This document gives a brief outline of the legal climate in Canada to date, and provides a gendered analysis of the impact on the application of the law on women's health and human rights.

Canadian consensus statement on HIV and its transmission in the context of criminal law

M Loutfy, M Tyndall, J-G Baril, JSG Montaner, R Kaul, C Hankins developed a consensus statement out of concern of the overly broad application of criminal law against people living with HIV. Their expert opinion as leading physicians and medical researchers aims to inform those in the criminal justice system of the "realistic possibility" of HIV transmission, and health consequences of living with HIV.